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From Michael Ströder <>
Subject Re: Getting total count of entries in a container
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2014 15:32:52 GMT
Jim Willeke wrote:
> I fail to see how the paged search control provides the same thing.
> Using a paged search control with 25+million entries would take forever.

I have admit that I never looked closer at the 'size' in the response control:


realSearchControlValue ::= SEQUENCE {
        size            INTEGER (0..maxInt),
                                -- requested page size from client
                                -- result set size estimate from server
        cookie          OCTET STRING


   In the control returned to the client, the
   size MAY be set to the server's estimate of the total number of
   entries in the entire result set. Servers that cannot provide such an
   estimate MAY set this size to zero (0).

The big question for me is whether there are LDAP server implementations
already returning the "estimate of the total number of entries in the entire
result set".

Since RFC 2696 was written by Microsoft employees I will check MS AD first...

Ciao, Michael.

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