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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Migrate to Latest Version
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2014 17:21:00 GMT
Le 28/07/2014 14:33, Sunny Soung a écrit :
> Thanks for your help, Kiran. But I didn't make it.
> I used Apache Directory Studio to export all the subtree from 'dn=company,
> dn=com' to a LDIF file. Then I imported that file to the new server but
> failed. I couldn't recall the exact error message. But I remember there
> were more than 1 errors. After changing the password policy, one of the
> errors was gone.

One important thing to know : the extracted LDIF file contains unordered
entries. It's very likely that you get some entry present before their

If you want to import the full data, you have to run the import as many
times as you have levels in your hierarchy. You have to check a box in
the Studio import facility : "continue when you get an error" (from the
top of my head). This will ignore the errors, and keep going with the

The first import will fail to inject all the entries which are not top
level, but will import the top level entry. The second import will fail
to import the top level entry, but will import all the entries directly
under the top level entry, and will fail for any entry under this second
level. Etc.

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