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From "Greg Barber" <>
Subject New to replication
Date Tue, 20 May 2014 22:31:04 GMT
I'm pretty new to LDAP/apacheds replication. I'm running 2.0.0-M16 on two
separate servers trying to get replication working from the master to the
slave, I would like to get multimaster replication in place but right now
I'm taking it one step at a time.  I've set up  a partition on the master
and have added entries and created a ou with two test user in it so far so
good.  I then used directory studio created the same partition on the
slave but didn't populate it. I also created a replication consumer with
the new partition as the base dn on the slave by editing the configuration
file. I restarted the slave and it pulled everything thing over from the
master great so far so good.  Where I'm having an issue is if I change an
attribute for a user like their password it is not being replicated over
to the slave. I'm stumped why this is not getting replicated across.

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