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From Marcel Bruch <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Using DS in a many-clients-one-master setup over the internet?
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2014 19:46:53 GMT
Hi ds-users,

I’m currently evaluating an idea to which using Apache DS partially sounds like a good fit.
However, I’m not sure and I’m seeking some advice. Without detailing on the exact requirements
and use case it may sound weird.

We have highly structured and hierarchical data (basically a several GB huge knowledge-base)
that is stored on a server and updated from time to time. 

In a (far) future there *might* be 10.000 up to 100.000 clients somewhere on the web that
need to access parts of that data. Currently there are a few hundred clients.

These clients should be able to replicate some small parts of that hierarchical data (according
to some access rights) to speed up their data access and work in some "offline mode“ if
required. These slaves should be updated from time to time with data from the master server.

My first question is: Is LDAP in general a suitable protocol for these requirements and is
Apache DS an appropriate server when it comes to such master-slave scenario with slaves all
over the internet? The slaves would run as embedded clients inside a java application on a
desktop pc.

My second question would be: Do firewalls typically allow connections to LDAP or LDAPS ports?
if not, is there any way to run replication over something that firewalls usually permit?

Thanks in advance,

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