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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS]: replication issue in 2.0.0_M15
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 08:19:50 GMT
Le 3/4/14 9:13 AM, Nomi Meixner a écrit :
> Dear Kiran, dear all,
>> (note that you don't need to configure 'ads-replReqHandler' unless
>> you have
>> a custom replication handler class)
> That is interesting. Does that mean that every apacheDS server is
> automatically configured to provide replications and only the client
> needs to be configured (in a standard setting)?

No, it's just that the Java class which implement the repication handler
does not need to be provided, as we do have a default implementation,
unless you want to provide your own implementation (very unlikely...)

>>> I could not find anything about this bug in your bug tracking system
>>> or on
>>> the mailing list archive. Unfortunately, we encounter the same issue
>>> using
>>> the latest rpm version on Scientific Linux 6.5.
>>> Is there a patch for this issue? The circumstances in our setup do not
>>> substantiate the compilation from the current svn trunk, as was the
>>> soulution for the thread initiator on stackoverflow.
>>> try restarting the server after adding the configuration, let us
>>> know if
>> you still have an issue.
> I still have an issue that is a bit more complex. The circumstances
> are the following:
> There is one machine running apacheDS storing already some real world
> production data in a partition we created (o=Universitaet
> Tuebingen,c=DE). The ultimate goal is to replicate the data in this
> partition to an OpenLDAP system, which we so far did not manage to do.
> Short version of the question: Is that possible at all and if so, what
> are the steps to take?

You should be able to do so, as we are using the same protocol.

Kiran would most certainly be able to give you an hand here...

Emmanuel Lécharny 

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