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From Nomi Meixner <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS]: replication issue in 2.0.0_M15
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 08:13:58 GMT
Dear Kiran, dear all,

Am 03.03.2014 11:09, schrieb Kiran Ayyagari:
> On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 3:32 PM, Nomi Meixner
> <>wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> we would like to integrate an apacheDS server into our existing
>> environment and would need the replication functionality for that.
>> On stackoverflow we found a post saying that "[t]here was some bug in
>> apacheds 2.0 - M15 Version regarding replication." (
>> setup-replication-on-apache-directory-server)
> it is not clear on what was the error encountered by this user, I suspect
> that he didn't restart the server
> after adding the configuration, other than that I don't see any problem in
> the config

Thank you, restarting the server did the trick! (I thought I had tried 
that, sorry!)

> (note that you don't need to configure 'ads-replReqHandler' unless you have
> a custom replication handler class)

That is interesting. Does that mean that every apacheDS server is 
automatically configured to provide replications and only the client 
needs to be configured (in a standard setting)?

>> I could not find anything about this bug in your bug tracking system or on
>> the mailing list archive. Unfortunately, we encounter the same issue using
>> the latest rpm version on Scientific Linux 6.5.
>> Is there a patch for this issue? The circumstances in our setup do not
>> substantiate the compilation from the current svn trunk, as was the
>> soulution for the thread initiator on stackoverflow.
>> try restarting the server after adding the configuration, let us know if
> you still have an issue.

I still have an issue that is a bit more complex. The circumstances are 
the following:
There is one machine running apacheDS storing already some real world 
production data in a partition we created (o=Universitaet 
Tuebingen,c=DE). The ultimate goal is to replicate the data in this 
partition to an OpenLDAP system, which we so far did not manage to do.
Short version of the question: Is that possible at all and if so, what 
are the steps to take?

Our plan to tackle the issue, was to start with a virtual machine with 
apacheDS replicate dummy data with a structure like the production data 
to another apacheDS instance on a second virtual machine.

After your hint with the restart, I managed to replicate a user under 
ou=users,ou=system from one VM to the other. I am now wondering how 
replication of a partition (or data therein) is meant to be configured.

My current configuration on the client looks like this:

ads-replconsumerid: 2
ads-replstrictcertvalidation: FALSE
ads-replusetls: FALSE
ads-replsearchtimeout: 0
ads-replsearchfilter: (objectClass=*)
ads-replsearchsizelimit: 0
ads-replattributes: *
ads-replrefreshinterval: 60000
ads-repluserpassword: secret
ads-repluserdn: uid=admin,ou=system
ads-replprovport: 10389
ads-replrefreshnpersist: TRUE
ads-replsearchscope: sub
ads-searchbasedn: ou=myOrganizationalUnit,o=Universitaet Tuebingen,c=DE
ads-enabled: FALSE
objectclass: ads-replConsumer
objectclass: ads-base
objectclass: top
ads-replaliasderefmode: never

An ldapsearch from the client machine searching through 
ou=myOrganizationalUnit,o=Universitaet Tuebingen,c=DE on the server 
yields a result for a user 
uid=noms,ou=users,ou=myOrganizationalUnit,o=Universitaet Tuebingen,c=DE

I created a partition o=Universitaet Tuebingen,c=DE on the client in the 
hope that this would help. Afterwards I created a
ou=myOrganizationalUnit as well. Even after a restart I cannot see any 
user data on the client.
What am I doing wrong? Are there any logs that would tell me what is 
going on?

Thank you very much for your help!

Nomi Meixner

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