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From Marcel Bruch <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Range queries for version numbers (major.minor.micro)
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 12:51:32 GMT
Hi directory-users,

another question regarding the use of Apache DS as knowledge base data store. 

One of our needs is to allow range queries over (Maven or OSGI like) software versions. We
might have entities with DNs like these:

groupId=commons, artifactId=lang, version=2.0.1
groupId=commons, artifactId=lang, version=2.1.1
groupId=commons, artifactId=lang, version=2.2.2
groupId=commons, artifactId=lang, version=3.0.0

Queries we want to answer are:

Give me the entry with the minimum version in the range [2.0.5,3.0.0) which should return
Same with a maximum range: When querying for max of [2.0.5,*)  it should return 3.0.0.

Can the support for such queries be built-in into Apache DS or would have to implement this
in our application logic?

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