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From Mark D <>
Subject Re: Suggestions for troubleshooting filters.
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2014 05:54:03 GMT
Well, you may have helped uncover something.  I thought I had indexes
When I look at config in ApacheStudio it shows the indexes on the partitions.
When I looked at config file, I noted the following index attributes were missing.

ads-enabled: TRUE
ads-indexcachesize: 100

Note, a few partitions I was testing were created dynamically and not through
the Studio.  Hence I was responsible for those missing.

So, I added ads-enabled: TRUE to the UID index for the partition.
Restarted AD.  Ran test search which failed with same results.
I then added a new entry to the partition and ran search again.
It now finds the entry with UID.

So, it this possibly the issue ?   When I search with filter (objectClass=namedObject)
it always worked.  Does 'x=*' have to be indexed, whereas '=' searches anything ?

I have been suffering for a while with so many filters not working with (x=*).

My confusion has been based on
1) I was testing with one partition which evidently was a partition created from the Studio
and I was comparing behavior to the new dynamic created partition.  
2) In ADStudio, the configs visually appear the same regarding indexes.

I am back to recreating all test partitions etc and see if this changes things.

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