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From "Marcel Weinberg" <>
Subject Re: Re: Re: ApacheDS Server - unable to listen on UDP
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2014 21:23:49 GMT
Hi Emmanuel, 

thank you for your support. 

>Not sure I understand your question... Why would you want to connect a
>windows client on Studio, which is an LDAP GUI ?

>Can you define what you want to do ? (And, no, it's not off topic)

First: Till two weeks ago my scope was on application servers, database administration and
other administrative and engineering tasks on high-available Linux platforms. I never had
to care about thinks like LDAP / AD and other "internal services" like this before. So it
might be possible that I have an error in my reasoning. So I would just like to describe my

I would like to have a running AD offering the following functionalities in my new company:

- LDAP authentication
- Kerberos authentication
- single-signon for almost everything (Windows clients, bugtracker and ticket tools like Jira,
Wiki, Cisco ASA for user VPN and so on and so on. Everything we tested so far is working fine
- except for Windows)
- storing Windows user profiles on the AD    

The currently used Microsoft AD server should be replaced and after some research I had to
decide between a setup running (OpenLDAP and Samba) or ApacheDS. I chose the ApacheDS due
to my good experience with Apache, Apache Tomcat and JMeter for example. 

To make it short: 
What do I need to realize the "single-signon"-solution? My colleague started to evaluate a
mix up of Samba and ApacheDS... We would just like to know how you do it and what the best
practice solution looks like.  


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