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From Mihamina RKTMB <>
Subject Re: [Studio] command line equivalent of import
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2014 16:02:53 GMT
On 02/01/2014 08:59 PM, Jim Willeke wrote:
> Most ldapseach command line tools have a
> -c     Continuous  operation  mode.  Errors are reported, but ldapsearch
> will continue with searches.    The default is to exit after reporting an
> error.  Only useful in conjunction with -f.


That is about export. As stated in the original post, I already got the 
command line equivalent.

For importing by overwriting, I think I have to tweak the exported ldif.
Would you know how can I do it command line?
- Looping on each dn ok easy to write.
-- Looping on each attribute in order to specify the replace operation 
is more complicated because of some multi-line values...

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