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From Mihamina RKTMB <>
Subject [Studio] command line equivalent of import
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2014 17:42:55 GMT

For several reasons, we have to often re-import our directory (OpenLDAP).

This is because we encoutered a bug that a reimport solves. We're stuck 
on this for the moment.

Reimporting is done with Apache directory Studio by
- exporting the tree to ldif
- importing the exported ldif (overwriting existing entries)

As far as I do it, I woul like to make it through command line, on the 
primary directory itself (not from remote).

The exported ldif is quite the same as a "ldapsearch" bare result. No 
problem there.

The problem is how to script the importing part.
- just "ldapmodify -f exported.ldif" lead to errors because of already 
existing entries
- spliting the export to per-dn files would be possible, but still need 
to insert the "changetype" + "replace" statements in ldif.

Would you know a scripted way to import as Studio would?

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