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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: apacheds basic users guide
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2013 08:11:15 GMT
Hi Paul,

many thanks for your feedback.

Woudl you spend a litle bit more time pushing those comments into a
JIRA, for us not to forget to fix them (because in two days, this email
will be puried into the mailing list, while the JIRA will remain in our
face until we cut a release...).

Also I'd like to know what is the pb you had with

Le 11/4/13 7:39 AM, paul a écrit :
> Hi. Thanks for the basic users guide. I found it very helpful and so I
> thought that I would make a comment to let you know of things that held
> me up. The main problem I had was the Suffix for the partition. No
> or the file wont load. Once this was done, the next problem I
> had was configure logging, which I completely failed to understand and
> gave up on, though this was not a major drawback. The next problem I had
> was that copy and paste to make the file authz_sevenSeas.ldif didn't
> work. I did get it working, by deleting some spaces although I don't
> know exactly which part was the problem. I particularly liked the way
> you showed how to test the various steps using ldapsearch, and was
> somewhat disappointed when I reached the end of the SSL section and
> found 'the connection behaves like LDAP does' but with no example
> ldapsearch. I can connect using the Apache Directory Studio and port
> 10636, so I assume everything is working, but if I use ldapsearch and
> change the 'p 10636' I just get 'ldap_simple_bind: Local error'. I
> assume I must have done something wrong with the client keystore. I have
> tried the java debug program but the output leaves me dazed!! I
> continued on and got Thunderbird working but again not with SSL. I am
> now about to launch into the advanced user guide, but thought that this
> would be a good time to list the problems I had with the Basic users
> guide. Thank for taking the time to write these guides, without them I
> wouldn't be able to even try using LDAP. Paul 

Emmanuel Lécharny 

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