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From paul <>
Subject apacheds basic users guide
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2013 06:39:32 GMT
Hi. Thanks for the basic users guide. I found it very helpful and so I
thought that I would make a comment to let you know of things that held
me up. The main problem I had was the Suffix for the partition. No or the file wont load. Once this was done, the next problem I
had was configure logging, which I completely failed to understand and
gave up on, though this was not a major drawback. The next problem I had
was that copy and paste to make the file authz_sevenSeas.ldif didn't
work. I did get it working, by deleting some spaces although I don't
know exactly which part was the problem. I particularly liked the way
you showed how to test the various steps using ldapsearch, and was
somewhat disappointed when I reached the end of the SSL section and
found 'the connection behaves like LDAP does' but with no example
ldapsearch. I can connect using the Apache Directory Studio and port
10636, so I assume everything is working, but if I use ldapsearch and
change the 'p 10636' I just get 'ldap_simple_bind: Local error'. I
assume I must have done something wrong with the client keystore. I have
tried the java debug program but the output leaves me dazed!! I
continued on and got Thunderbird working but again not with SSL. I am
now about to launch into the advanced user guide, but thought that this
would be a good time to list the problems I had with the Basic users
guide. Thank for taking the time to write these guides, without them I
wouldn't be able to even try using LDAP. Paul 

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