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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] [Studio]
Date Sat, 14 Sep 2013 06:24:46 GMT
Le 9/14/13 6:43 AM, Richard Mixon a écrit :
> Emmanuel,
> Thank yo u - I ended up doing something similar that worked, after starting
> over with a default config.ldif
> 1. Created a partition with ID of sevenSeas and Suffix "dc=sevenSeas"
> 2. After restarting the server, right-clicked on the partition and created
> an entry with "o=sevenSeas". BTW, when you do this and select New, you are
> given options to create a New Entry or a New Context Entry. I would have
> thought Context Entry was the right choice, but just the simple Entry is
> what worked.

The ContextEntry is associated with the partition, ie with dc=sevenSeas.
Here, you have created another entry which DN is
o=sevenSeas,dc=sevenSeas. This is a plain new entry, not a Context entry.

I *think* that whe you create the partition, the context entry is now
automatically created (to be checked), and if so, we have to fix the
documentation to reflect this feature.
> 3. Afterwards after adding the following entry to the top of
> apache-ds-tutorial.ldif it successfully imported:
> dn: o=sevenSeas,dc=sevenSeas
> o: sevenSeas
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: organization
> description: The context entry for suffix o=sevenSeas
> Thank you all for you help.
> I believe it would help a lot of LDAP nubies if the the tutorial recipe was
> a bit more precise for importing the example/tutorial.
> Is there a way to contribute some corrections/clarifications to these links?
> I would be happy to do so.

They are plain text document, using markdown. They are available at
Any patch on those files (and that can include fixes to the bad english
used) is very welcomed (the best way to submit patches is to create a
JIRA - see - and to
attach a diff to it).

Many thanks !

Emmanuel Lécharny 

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