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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: apacheds @ 100% permanently
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 14:04:16 GMT
Le 7/9/13 3:23 PM, Slavomir Kocka a écrit :
> Ok,
> Well, we are running inside VM on HDD for server usage (Guess 10000 spins/s), but I believe,
there are not SSD drives.
> In fact, we are using JMS to "buffer" writes, and simulate transactional behaviour (in
case user is not added due to any reason, JMS container rolls back operation, and tries next
> As I told we need to add accounts in normal speed. So really, tens of writes per sec.
are just fine, and I believe, hardware is more than sufficient...
> Target is like 6000 accounts within few hours. AS this addition is buffered by JMS, there
is no HUGE load...
> Today we will move those LDAP servers to dedicated VM machines (this time ubuntu), and
will see...
> I'll post here, if I get some results...
> We will also review our JMS config...
> Just last question for now. Do you have some syntetic tests with some parallel writes/reads?

No, but as I said, writes are really a bootleneck. We have tested the
server with 100 clients reading entries in the server as fast as
possible, and the server is capable of delivering around 13 000 entries
per second to the 100 clients as a whole (ie, roughly 130/s to each
client). If you have some writes at the same time, the performances will
just be impacted heavily.

As I said, we are working on a better solution, based on a MVCC backend.
The biggest advantage of MVCC is that reads can now be processed while a
write is being processed. As writes will also be sequential, we will be
able to remove many locks all over the server. We are not far from
having something that work, we just have a couple of issues with indexes
on Attributes accepting multiple values. Most of the tests are passing
but two as of today, and we hope to fix them this week.

Btw, the read perfs are also better, with an improvement of around 50%

If you are interested in testing such a backend as soon as we get the
bugs fixed, just let me know, we can provide some guidance.

Emmanuel Lécharny 

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