> we don't have a description of the migration procedure. However, we can

> drive you and help you to get 2.0 up and running.


> Could you provide some information about ;

> - your configuration (the server.xml file)

> - how many entries dyou have in your server

> - do you have any added schema elements ?


> Bottom line, the idea is to convert your configuration into something

that it usable for ApacheDS 2.0 (and you can configurate the server

using Studio), and to import your data into the server. If you have

created some AttributeTypes or ObjectClass, we will need to update the



> It should not be too complicated.


Thanks Emmanuel for your answer and your help.


Please find attached the server.xml file.

Regarding to “entries  in server” I’ve attached an example file


I don’t understand your last question, “do you have any added schema elements ?” could you clarify my?


Thanks in advance for your time an help.


Pablo Abdala