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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: OpenLDAP to ApacheDS Migration | Help Needed
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2013 10:24:20 GMT
Le 4/30/13 11:47 AM, Tanguy tlrx a écrit :
> Hi Emmanuel,
> There is a serious bug that has been detected last week - and introduced
>> in M11 - that makes the backend unstable. Basically, using a schema with
>> some AttributeType without an Equality MatchingRule leads yo NPE which
>> breaks the backend. This bug has been fixed at the end of last week, and
>> a release is on its way.
> I think we fell on this bug (and maybe another one: when there's a space in
> an attribute type of a custom schema, ApacheDS doesn't seem to restart?).

Would it be possible to have a JIRA with an AttributeType that breaks
the server ?

>  I
> also think that the Java Service Wrapper sometimes makes difficult to check
> if ApacheDS correctly started or not. 
You can bypass the Java Service Wrapper if you want. We package a
standalone server that you can wrap yoruself if you want.

> Unfortunately these problems have
> undermined the confidence that the team had in ApacheDS.

I perfectly understand your feeling.
> The other issues we encountered were mainly imputable to Spring LDAP
> framework.

Spring LDAP is everything but perfect. It's just a wrapper on top of
JNDI, with many wrong assumption made on what LDAP can or cannot do.
Specifically, their transaction implementation is just plain wrong.

>> and we are currently evaluating the cost of migrating from
>>> ApacheDS 2.0.M11 to OpenLdap 2.24.
>> Hoperfully, it should not cost so much, as we tried to be as compatible
>> as possible with OpenLDAP.
> It tooks us around 1 day to migrate. LDIFs scripts were OK and Apache
> Directory Studio helps us to migrate our custom schema.

That was expected. We really put a lot of effort to get ApacheDS
compatible with OpenLDAP.

To be frank, we do think that ApacheDS is good for development, as it
really eases tests and integration, but when it comes to production, you
should have a choice : g with ApacheDS or OpenDLAP, depending on what
you expect.

We really work hand in hand with the OpenLDAP team, and this is a great

Emmanuel Lécharny 

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