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From "Tom Bruser">
Subject Continuation of evaluation of ApacheDS as part of a preemptive cache
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 17:08:16 GMT
I've been making some progress in standing up a memory partition for
ApacheDS and still have some ways to go to make a custom partition to store
the data as I see better fit for my purposes.

My preemptive cache will be available to *most* of our clients via a simple
restful service call.  The purpose of looking at ApacheDS is to deal with
one client that is set up to only talk to LDAP.  This client will
essentially connect in to LDAP and perform a simple search.  Think in terms
of an out of the box CMS that needs to import its users and groups

Just to make sure I'm not trying to over-architect the solution, is there a
better way to provide a facility to let an LDAP client bind (log in),
interpret or parse the LDAP query (filter) into something that can query
against simple collections of POJOs, and return an LDAP-friendly response?
This is based on my current direction to stand up ApacheDS and customize a
memory partition so that it can map to my POJOs.  It just seems so far that,
albeit possibly due to ignorance, am trying too hard to structure my
in-memory data to cater to how ApacheDS would like to see it represented as
opposed to just trying to figure out what the client is asking for and find
it within the structure that I'm already planning to use for the other 90%
of clients.  I've seen some mention of FilterParser, but did not yet find
much information on how to use it... of course, I'd still need a means to
accept the filter from the client to begin with even once I learn how to use

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