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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <>
Subject Apache Directory Studio 2.0.0-M5 released
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 13:39:03 GMT
The Apache Directory Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Directory Studio 2.0.0-M5, the fifth milestone release of the version
2.0 of its Eclipse based LDAP Browser and Directory client.

You can download Apache Directory Studio 2.0.0-M5 as a standalone RCP
application for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows at:

You can also install it directly in Eclipse using this update site:

Here are the release notes for Apache Directory Studio 2.0.0-M5
(combined with version 2.0.0-M4, which was not announced):


DIRSTUDIO-775 - Display issues in Image Editor
DIRSTUDIO-795 - Unable to delete multiple schema elements (attribute
type, object class or schema)
DIRSTUDIO-796 - Unable to open multiple schema elements (attribute
type, object class or schema)
DIRSTUDIO-799 - Unable to move object with Apache LDAP API
DIRSTUDIO-802 - Confusion between ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8 in the
Encode/Decode dialog
DIRSTUDIO-808 - "Update existing entries" checkbox in "LDIF Import"
wizard fails to work with the Apache Directory LDAP API
DIRSTUDIO-810 - Fullscreen plugin is /not/ under the Apache license
DIRSTUDIO-812 - Error while performing search
DIRSTUDIO-822 - Typo in one of the default indexed attributes when
creating a new partition in the ApacheDS Configuration Editor v2
DIRSTUDIO-823 - Integer Value Editor only selects values of Java
Integer magnitude
DIRSTUDIO-827 - Quick Search is not displayed when folding is activated
DIRSTUDIO-829 - NPE when trying to add a 'subtreeSpecification' value
DIRSTUDIO-833 - NPE in ACI Item Editor when adding AttributeType permission
DIRSTUDIO-834 - Unable to edit subtreeSpecification
DIRSTUDIO-835 - Display issues in the Password Editor on OS X
DIRSTUDIO-840 - Help system is not working
DIRSTUDIO-850 - The "Remove" button for mandatory ATs in the OC Editor
does nothing
DIRSTUDIO-858 - The Entry Editor's Outline view should be unavailable
when the selection isn't an entry or a bookmark
DIRSTUDIO-864 - Error message appears: "ERR_04269 ATTRIBUTE_TYPE for
OID ads-replenabled does not exist!" when trying to open configuration
DIRSTUDIO-867 - References of old projects and packages name
'' still present in the code


DIRSTUDIO-657 - Add options to output the resulting LDIF of a batch
operation to a file or to the clipboard
DIRSTUDIO-793 - Batch Operation define modification slowdown, needs scrollbar
DIRSTUDIO-797 - Two different 'HistoryUtils' classes should be merged
into a single one in 'common.ui' plugin
DIRSTUDIO-809 - Improve the behavior of the "Execute LDIF" action of
the LDIF Editor
DIRSTUDIO-813 - Add default value editors for eDirectory
DIRSTUDIO-828 - The Quick Search context menu item could reuse the
currently selected entry in the Browser view as search base
DIRSTUDIO-838 - Add support for configuring the context entry of a
partition in the ApacheDS 2.0 Configuration Editor
DIRSTUDIO-841 - When creating a connection from an existing ApacheDS
2.0 server, the "Open Configuration" item is not available
DIRSTUDIO-851 - Add a hint in the Connection Properties dialog about
Certifcate Validation with a link to the corresponding preference page
DIRSTUDIO-852 - Display issues in the Certificate Validation
preference page on OS X

New Feature

DIRSTUDIO-804 - Interpret Active Directory Timestamps
DIRSTUDIO-806 - Editing Multiple Directory Objects at once
DIRSTUDIO-843 - There is no place we can configure the KeyStore to use
while configuring an ApacheDS server


DIRSTUDIO-736 - Implement the "Execute Online" button of the
DIRSTUDIO-791 - Update supportedControl and supportedExtension descriptions
DIRSTUDIO-811 - Review and remove any source file under Eclipse Public
License (EPL) v 1.0
DIRSTUDIO-816 - Update OIDs to Descriptions properties file
DIRSTUDIO-839 - Update Eclipse dependencies to version 3.8.1

The Apache Directory Team

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