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From charlie babitt <>
Subject Creating Partitions Programmatically (Java, as a Client)
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:36:51 GMT

My goal is to programmatically access the server and add partitions.
Therefore I started reading
where there's a chapter explaining exactly what I need. I understood
the code outlined there however I still don't know how to get it
started. I started by downloading the Java API.
The sample starts with the following code:
// Get the SchemaManager, we need it for this addition
SchemaManager schemaManager = directoryService.getSchemaManager();

But how do I get this connected to a server? I have the server running
on a machine where I have user credentials, the endpoint and port to
the server, but where can I get started?
Can anyone give me a hint or point me to documentation, where I can
find this? I already downloaded the source code and the tests of the
directory, but as far as I interpreted them, they all start their own
server. I however want to access an already running server as a

Thanks in advance

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