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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Any doc about how to use ApacheDS as a proxy
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 00:17:00 GMT
Le 12/10/12 11:02 PM, Zhang, Wayne a écrit :
> Thank you.
> About the version, we might need to stay with 1.5.8 since it is sometime just mentality.
But not me, it is my above. We need to take very stable one rather than "largely stable".

The numbering scheme we have used in the past is totally broken.

Let me give you some insights about why 1.5.x is not more stable than
ApacheDS 2.0.

First of all, you have to kow that when the project was started, we were
depending on Java 1.4. It was back in 2003. Since then, many Java
version were released. At sme pointback in 2007, we decided that we
should move to Java 5, as Java 4 was hitting EOL. We discussed about the
numering scheme, and decided to go for 1.5, which meant it was only
supporting Java 5 (as Tomcat 5.5 was released, the second '5' was
supposed to mean Tomcat 5 for Java 5).

A bad, bad move, if you want my opinion (and I know what I'm talking, I
was the one who suggested to use this numbering schema ...)

So we released 1.5.0 in 2007, expecting it to be an intermediary version
before 2.0.

We released a few more version since then, from 1.5.1 to 1.5.7, and at
some point, it became obvious that we were targeting a 2.0, stable. In
our words, 'Stable' does not mean bug free, but API stable. 1.5.7 was
never considered as 'stable', as we were deeply changing the API from
versio to version.

This was obviously not the message the numbering scheme was convoying,
so we decided that we should release Milestone instead. This is the
reason we switched from 1.5.7 to 2.0.0-M1, with no version in the middle.
As of end of 2012, 2.0.0-M8 is certainly the best possible version.
Whatever previous version youw ant to use is order of magnitude worse.
More important : there will never ever be something like 1.5.8. Ever. So
by sticking to 1.5.7, you are already 8 versions behind...

I guess you have to tell your manager or customer about those facts.

We are currently doing our best to get a 2.0.0-RC1 out, and we are close
to do it. The documentation is totally lacking, too, and we are also
working at the same time to get it updated. It will take a few weeks.

I strongly suggest you follow Kira advices here. If you need help, we
can provide some...

Emmanuel Lécharny 

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