Hello Apache Team,


Please can you help us or direct us with 2 quires that we have:


We are currently using WSO2 4.0 M8. We created some users and were using Apache Studio to view the Apache DS schema embedded in the WSO2 identity server.


A)      We were able to see the user details, claims, uid etc. But,  gidNumber (POSIX GID number) is not displayed/editable in the LDAP browser of Apache Directory Studio. We installed Apache Directory Studio and binded it with Apache DS of IS. Now, we want to put the gidNumber of "admin" (default user created by IS) as 0. But,


1.       We were not able to view the gidNumber of admin in the LDAP browser.

2.       Even If we go ahead and add it any way we get an error message and the attribute is automatically removed.  But the Schema Browser tab shows gidNumber attribute type in it.

3.       When we try to import an already existing Example.ldif file into Apache Directory Studio almost all the directory tree is imported (the rules, gropus etc) but the users come up empty. PFA. The log files and the ldif file.



I understand, Only if we view, we would be able to change the value. Pls. suggest how we can go about this. Any pointers in this regard would be highly helpful for us.


B)       Furthermore, if this gets resolve, we also want to add PAM as an “ou” and use PAM for authentication and Mapping LDAP users to Linux user groups how can I go about this. We have read though many sites but not very sure of the procedure.



Many Thanks in advance,