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From "Johnson, Wayne" <>
Subject RE: Getting source for apacheds-1.0.3-SNAPSHOT
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:15:31 GMT
Thanks for the fast response.  I'm afraid I'm still a bit of a novice at using svn.  

I was able to checkout the project pom, apacheds and daemon source with no problem.  I did
modify your commands slightly:

svn co apacheds
svn co daemon
svn co

I was not able to check out the shared source.  I get the error:
svn co shared
svn: URL '' doesn't exist

The reason I'm not going the LDIF route is:
1) We have ACI defined in our user data.  I've not found a way to download that (yet).
2) This will happen during an update of the software and the apacheds server may not be runnable
at this point.

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From: Emmanuel Lécharny [] 
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2012 6:04 PM
Subject: Re: Getting source for apacheds-1.0.3-SNAPSHOT

Le 10/9/12 12:03 AM, Johnson, Wayne a écrit :
> I'm trying to track down source for an old snapshot of ApacheDS so I 
> can do some debugging.  Yea, it's old, stop laughing.  We are using 
> apacheds-1.0.3-SNAPSHOT that was built on 8/9/2007.  Stop laughing.  
> My hope was to check out the source from subversion.  The web page 
> suggests the URL 
> ependencies/ for that old branch but the URL no longer works and there 
> does not appear to be a 1.0-with-dependencies anymore. 
> Anyone have any suggestions?  Was that branch deleted?  Any way to re-create it?
Hopefully, with Subversion, you can still find the sources :)

The 1.0.3-SNAPSHOT trunk should be available at revision 647850 :

svn co

will pull the server, and you will also need shared-0.9.5 and daemon-1.0 :

svn co
svn co

Last, not least, you'll also need the 'project' project in version 7 :

svn co project

and the root pom can be get with :

svn co

Not that you will get errors, as the externals have been removed, but that doe snot matter
(also not the '.' at the end : it's andatory otherwise the check out will occur in a sub directory).

I have some compilation failures when I run mvn clean install on the checked out code though.
It may be due to the Java version I'm using (Java 6), as 1.0.3 was supposed to work with Java
1.4, and becaus ethere were some modifications in JNDI since then.

> We're in the process of migrating to DS 1.5.7 or 2.0.0 but we need some way to get the
data migrated over.  I tried simply opening the JDBM files from 1.0.3 but it appears that
the Java package names ensconced in the data serialization are not longer available under
1.5.7.  My next hope was to extract the data from the old 1.0.3 database with a serverless
LDAP query (i.e. calling the Java methods without going over a network).  But to dig into
the code to find those methods will require the source.  Thus the request.

Why don't you just extract the data as a big LDIF file ? Studio should be able to connect
to Apacheds 1.0.3, and thne, you extract everything from the server, before reimporting everything
into the new version. 
That should definitively work.
> Anyone have any pointers on migration data from 1.0.3 to 1.5.7 (or 
> better). 
I suggest you get the 2.0.0-M8 which should be available very soon (in fact, I'm just releasing
it atm, it should be available by the end of the week).

> Stop laughing...
Frankly, I'm not laugning at all : the fact is you used a server that worked for 5 years before
deciding to move on to a new version ! That's a pretty good news :) I'd like to listen about
your usage...

Thanks for using ADS !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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