This seems a straight forward question but looking back through the archives I don't see it asked in the last year - in October there was a similar question but not quite what I want to know.

I need to set up a production LDAP solution and I'm looking for guidance on the version of apacheDS to implement.

First of all the last version that was marked as "Stable" is 1.0.2 from May of 2007, all the 1.5.x versions are identified as "unstable" - Usually production and unstable aren't a good combination.

I completely understand that the 2.0.0 milestone releases are beta - also not usually good for production.

Unfortunately, for a production implementation there are features missing from the 1.5.x versions that I consider extremely important, specifically multi-master replication.

Besides stability of a beta release the other key issue I see with the 2.0.0 releases is that the documentation is still sparse, completely reasonable for a beta version but will make implementation more of a challenge.

I'm leaning towards ApacheDS because the product is Java based, seems to have a great feature set, and I've had a good history with Apache projects, but I'm willing to look at switching to another LDAP solution if ApacheDS isn't ready for our needs.

To give an idea of our production needs:

We are a high education institution with about 2,500 Staff, Students and Faculty.
We have approximately 30,000 alumni that continue to have access to various systems through CAS.
We are completely revamping our IAM implementation from AD, Custom scripts and CAS to a central Identity vault (where we see apacheDS in the system) fed by SPML from our ERP, integrated with Grouper, CAS, Shibboleth, Federated Identity, Kerberos and Guest registration through OpenRegistry.
Desired to be in production by the 13th of August, and I'm the only technical person tasked with the implementation.

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