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From Karl Weber <>
Subject [ApacheDS] subschema subentries and DIT structure rules etc.
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2012 08:53:26 GMT

as far as I read in the documentation for ApacheDS 1.5.7, ApacheDS does 
support subentries according to RFC 3672 with the exception of subschema 

Is this still valid for the current 2.0.0 milestone? Unfortunately the links 
to the documentation are broken. The support of subschema subentries has been 
announced in the 1.5.7 documentation for the "future"...

Does ApacheDS support DIT structure rules and DIT content rules? The 
documentation for 1.5.7 claims that ApacheDS is RFC 4512 compliant, however 
support for these rules is optional, so some clarification is needed. 
Furthermore, in order to use DIT structure rules, administrative areas with 
there own subschemas would make sence. (DIT structure rules do not have global 
OIDs but only integer IDs which have to be unique within the controlling 
schema.) Furthermore, quote of RFC 4512: 

	If no superior rules are identified, the DIT structure rule applies
	to an autonomous administrative point (e.g., the root vertex of the
	subtree controlled by the subschema) [X.501].

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