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From Javier Estrada <>
Subject Re: [DOC] Interested in documenting the API.
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 16:22:01 GMT
I have up to chapter three in fixing typos and grammar and would like
to get some feedback before I do some more.  I first need to get
acquainted with the API details to be more effective.

Here are some of the general fixes:
- Capital wording in titles (e.g., "This is a title" becomes "This is
a Title" ).
- General punctuation corrections (elimination of extra commas, adding
periods at the end of sentences and lists.
- Replacing "expose(s)" for "present(s)" or "provide(s)".  For
example, "This chapter exposes" becomes "This chapter presents...". By
the way, in Spanish it's very common to use expose, too.
- General replacement of it's for it is for more formal writing.

I'll push this to JIRA shortly.

Another question I have is if the documentation can be
internationalized.  My fist language is Spanish and I can provide a
very good translation if desired.

= = =

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