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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [doc] apacheds v2.0 docs
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 23:20:13 GMT
Hi Ross,

comments inline...

On 2/7/12 11:53 PM, Ross West wrote:
> Okay, I'm about half way through doing up a set of docs based upon
> v2.0.0-M3 (I'll update to -M5 shortly), and just wanted to throw a
> couple of things "out there" for comments before I'm way too far to fix
> things.  This has morphed from the simpler docs I was thinking about
> earlier to a much larger thing.

> - Off the top: I've combined the two user guides (basic + advanced) into
> a single "admin" guide (lots of cut'n'paste done).  My focus is solidly
> on the system administration side of running a v2.0+ server as stable as
> possible and knowing what knobs to tweak in the configs.

We have created two separated guides because we realized that :
- not many users know about LDAP. Most of them are requested to "manage 
the damn LDAP server" because nobody else wants to do it
- most of the time, you just need to tweak a few things, not very complexe
- when it comes to get dirty, and nasty, then you need a very deep set 
od documentation about the server

This is why we started with a basic user guide (containing really the 
information that 90% of the users will need) and a advanced guys for 
thos crazy enough to have fun with LDAP :)

More seriously, it's difficult to merge both of them without going deep 
into the details from chapter one, and scare the beginners...

> - confluence layout: Currently I'm just keeping the current book.txt
> layout that's being used in the svn checkout I've got. I see in
> jira:DIRSERVER-1678 that there's thought in going to a chapter style
> layout for filenames.  Did this go any further, or is it "writer's
> choice" for the time being?

We have tried to list some chapters covering the different aspects of 
the server, but this is barely more than a writer choice. We can change 

For instance, as every chapter has a incremental number, it's hard to 
add a new chapter in the middle : you have to change all the following 
chapter's numbers.

So if you have something better in mind, that would be worth discussing it.
> - Is the Directory Studio app considered the best/true way of
> configuring ApacheDS, or should I basically ignore it's built in
> configuration system and go with generic ldap instructions?

The biggest advantage of using Studio is that it's a GUI, so it's easier 
to explain in a document. Now, it would also be a good thing to explain 
the layouts and how to configure the server using LDAP.

> - NTP, HTTP, DNS servers: Are these actually part of the system, or
> really just proof of concept type services that aren't really used in
> day to day ops (Ie: Do I attempt to document them or tell people to just
> keep them disabled)
They are proof of concept. You can ignore them atm.
> - Tanuki Java Service Wrapper - I'm assuming this is the community
> edition that gets installed?  [I'm just going over logging options]

Yes. This is the only one which has a ASL 2.0 compatible licence. We 
haven't upgraded to anything above 3.2.3.
> I think that's it for the moment, but I'm sure I'll have more later.

You will always be welcomed !

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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