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From Christoph Czurda <>
Subject connection.exists(Dn) is false although entry exists
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 05:16:37 GMT

I came accross a strange issue in a unit test. (server ApacheDS 2.0)

Testing connection.exists(Dn dn) returns false.
When I test the String overload with the same dn I get true.

The code can probably explain better than words:

Dn dn;
//dn is initialized with an existing Dn.

//this test passes:
assertThat(connection.exists(dn.getName()), is(true));

//this fails. AssertionError: expected true, got false
assertThat(connection.exists(dn), is(true));

How can that be? exists(Dn) works fine in other tests.

Maybe I should mention that I get lots of these messages:

2012-02-01 05:56:00,730 [NioProcessor-2] WARN -
ERR_00043_REMAINING_BYTES_FOR_DECODED_PDU The PDU has been fully decoded
but there are still bytes in the buffer.

But they occur with almost every message sent to the server. Btw, can I
get rid of them somehow?

Kind regards,

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