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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject Re: [DOC] Interested in documenting the API.
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 16:38:54 GMT
On 2 févr. 2012, at 17:22, Javier Estrada wrote:
> I have up to chapter three in fixing typos and grammar and would like
> to get some feedback before I do some more.  I first need to get
> acquainted with the API details to be more effective.

Great! :)

> Here are some of the general fixes:
> - Capital wording in titles (e.g., "This is a title" becomes "This is
> a Title" ).
> - General punctuation corrections (elimination of extra commas, adding
> periods at the end of sentences and lists.
> - Replacing "expose(s)" for "present(s)" or "provide(s)".  For
> example, "This chapter exposes" becomes "This chapter presents...". By
> the way, in Spanish it's very common to use expose, too.
> - General replacement of it's for it is for more formal writing.

Sounds like great rules to me.

> I'll push this to JIRA shortly.
> Another question I have is if the documentation can be
> internationalized.  My fist language is Spanish and I can provide a
> very good translation if desired.

At some point, when the documentation will be sufficiently advanced, reviewed and stabilized,
we might indeed want to localize it.
But, it really needs to be done at the end of the process, when we're sure about the english
version first.

We've already gone to the localization road with Apache Directory Studio (which supports English,
German and French) and our experience is that you really want to that at the end of the development.

BTW, if you're willing to provide some help localizing Apache Directory Studio in Spanish,
feel free to ask where to start… ;)
You'd be more than welcome again.

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