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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] ApacheDS 2.0.0 M2 and server.xml
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 14:11:28 GMT
On 4 janv. 2012, at 11:29, Pa wrote:
> On 28.10.2011 00:22, Kiran Ayyagari wrote:
>> the configuration from 2.0 will be maintained in LDIF format and this
>> is displayed as a partition with name ou=config
>> You can use any LDAP client to modify the configuration and server
>> needs to be restarted to make the changes effective.
> Is there any documentation for version 2.0? I seem to only find
> some incomplete doc for 1.5 referencing 1.0.

Not yet.
We're aware of that and working on it.

> To be honest, I think
> the available documentation for ApacheDS is one of the worst I've seen.
> I'm new to ApacheDS and tried 1.5.7 first. The server.xml configuration
> was very straight forward, but I had to change to 2.0, because ACI
> couldn't be used with this version (which I think is very weird, why was
> it released then? Isn't that a big part of the program?).

A bug is always weird. Until it is discovered, it's hidden.  That probably why 1.5.7 was released
as is.

> With 2.0 the first setting I tried to set was changing the connecting port
> from 10389 to simply 389 and now Apache Directory Studio gives me an
> error 49 about AcceptSecurityContext, but I can't change it back because
> I can't connect. Is there a way to change it in some config file?

Have a look at entry with dn:

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