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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Configuring the NTP server
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 09:31:47 GMT
On 1/12/12 9:57 AM, Pierre Smits wrote:
> Hi All,
> How do I configure the NTP service in ApacheDS?
Actually, it's not really functional.The server returns a time which  is 
computed using a new Date(), with an accuracy far from being good.

Otherwise, you just have to add those lines in your config (ApacheDS 
1.5.7) :
<tcpTransport port="60123"/>
<udpTransport port="60123" nbThreads="1"/>
(the port can be modified)

or in 2.0.0-M3, by adding those entries :

dn: ads-serverId=ntpServer,ou=servers,ads-directoryServiceId=default,ou=config
ads-serverid: ntpServer
ads-enabled: FALSE
objectclass: ads-server
objectclass: ads-ntpServer
objectclass: ads-base
objectclass: top
ads-transports: tcp
ads-transports: udp

dn: ou=transports,ads-serverId=ntpServer,ou=servers,ads-directoryServiceId=default,ou=config
ou: transports
objectclass: organizationalUnit
objectclass: top

dn: ads-transportId=tcp,ou=transports,ads-serverId=ntpServer,ou=servers,ads-directoryServiceId=default,ou=config
ads-systemport: 60123
ads-transportid: tcp
objectclass: ads-transport
objectclass: ads-tcpTransport
objectClass: ads-base
objectclass: top
ads-enabled: TRUE

dn: ads-transportId=udp,ou=transports,ads-serverId=ntpServer,ou=servers,ads-directoryServiceId=default,ou=config
ads-systemport: 60123
ads-transportnbthreads: 1
ads-transportid: udp
objectclass: ads-transport
objectclass: ads-udpTransport
objectClass: ads-base
objectclass: top
ads-enabled: TRUE

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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