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From Daniel Bower <>
Subject Dependencies
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2011 07:22:40 GMT
I'm working on embedding a directory server instance for development and
testing purposes.  

I'm currently using the following to add the dependencies to my project:

However, I noticed that apacheds-all seems to bundle a few external
libraries in the jar itself as classes instead of declaring them as
dependencies in a maven pom file.  This is undesirable for me, as I
would prefer to add those dependencies through maven so that I can
update them.  In particular, I am unable to move to a later version of

My guess is that I need to scout through the long list of apache ds
artifacts at:
That seems much less than desirable.  Is there some documentation that I
am missing?

I'm curious what the reasoning of including them in the apacheds-all.jar
artifact is as well.  I was surprised to see classes external to apache
in there!  However my experience is limited, hence the question.


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