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From Harakiri <>
Subject LdapException: ERR_04274 Cant find an OID for the name {0}
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 15:15:21 GMT
A client (blackberry server) is searching for a user in the apacheds LDAP.

However, apache DS returns the above error.

On the server side, i only see that lookup is performed - it seems that whatever apacheDS
returns for lookup - the blackberry server does not like the answer - more over it seems blackberry
uses standard java ldap client for querying:

<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = LDAP, javax.naming.NamingException: [LDAP: error code 80 - OTHER:
failed for     SearchRequest>
<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = LDAP,         baseDn : 'o=mydn'>
<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = LDAP,         filter : '(|(&(|(*))(|(*)(usercertificate;binary=*)))(objectClass=referral))'>
<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = LDAP,         scope : whole subtree>
<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = LDAP,         typesOnly : false>
<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = LDAP,         Size Limit : 50>
<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = LDAP,         Time Limit : no limit>
<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = LDAP,         Deref Aliases : deref Always>
<LAYER = IPPP, HANDLER = LDAP,         attributes : 'givenname', 'cn', 'sn', 'mail', 'usercertificate',
ERR_04274 Cant find an OID for the name {0}]; remaining 

I found one other user with the exact same problem however he does not use the blackberry
as client

His solution was

"I changed the value of property search.wildcards.attributes to "" and now it works fine.

well - i obviously have no control on how the blackberry performs the search so i can only
fix something server side.

This issue occurs on apache ds 1.6.x and 2.0.3

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