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From Craig Setera <>
Subject Indexing performance
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 11:29:57 GMT
In my recent conversations about indexing, I was having problems with
indexing.  I've managed to get it to work locally, but others are having
trouble replicating my working instance.

My question to the group isn't related to that, but to the performance I'm
seeing when the indexes are working locally for me.  What should I expect to
see in terms of performance difference with the indexing in place?  I've
created a script that uses ldapsearch to search for 10 entries 10 times and
I'm actually seeing mixed results where sometimes it is actually *slower*
with the indexing in place:

ldapsearch -H ldap://localhost:10389 -x -D "uid=admin,ou=system" -b
"dc=mfoundry,dc=com" -w secret -s sub -a always "(mfname=$name)" "mfname"
"mfuid" "objectClass" >> ~/temp/apachedstests/searchresults.txt

With indexing disabled:

real 0m8.626s
user 0m0.387s
sys 0m0.406s

With indexing enabled, it is inconsistent, but averages no better:

real 0m9.161s
user 0m0.381s
sys 0m0.391s

real 0m8.329s
user 0m0.382s
sys 0m0.391s

real 0m8.357s
user 0m0.381s
sys 0m0.390s

Does that mean that the indexes are not being used?  Or does it just mean
that my use case isn't something helped by the indexes?

Thanks for any insights.

Craig Setera
Director, Product Engineering
p 415.324.5801

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