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Subject feedback user manual
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 11:57:26 GMT

My first comment concerns the first paragraph..

"By default the LDAP server listens on port 10389 (unencrypted or
StartTLS) and 10636 (SSL). It is quite common to run LDAP on 389, which is
the well-known port for this protocol. Of course other options are
imaginable as well. Changing the LDAP port is a good example for adjusting
the existing Spring configuration as introduced in the last section."

=> It is mentioned that the spring configuration introduced in the last
section, but I can't find anything about this Spring configuration. I know
about Spring so that's not the issue I'm trying to raise. The thing is
that in the "last section" there's no mention of Spring configuration, at
least, I could not find it.


Out of the blue comment again.. you start talking about LDIF without
having explained what LDIF is.

3) I'm missing an article that discusses how to use apacheds from within a
java client, ie. an api user guide. The focus could/should be on jndi. I
may have missed this, because I didn't read all your articles yet. If it
already exists, please ignore this remark. I 've quickly stopped browsing
your site as soon as I had an idea of how things work and then switched to
a random jndi tutorial. It works so that's good for me, perhaps other
users may benifit if you have a step by step guide that introduces jndi
based on apacheds? And perhaps also a guide with explains advanced stuff
from the api?

To make sure there's no misunderstanding: Keep up the nice work, my
remarks are just minor. I hope it cn help to make the apacheds experience
even better.


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