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From Bas Vodde <>
Subject Warning message is TupleCache related to accessControlSubentry
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 10:08:13 GMT

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone could help me with this. I've been debugging this for quite a while and
ran out of ideas.

I set-up a ApacheDS and configured it. Everything works fine, no problems so far. But then
when I add access control, I run into some interesting problems. I've changed the server.xml
to turn access control on. I've used ApacheDS to add the administrativeRole to our main entry
in the partition. After that, I created an accessControlSubentry with the prescriptionACI.
All works fine and the access control works!

Except.... when I restart.When I do so, I found this in the error log:

[09:30:44] WARN [] - Found accessControlSubentry
'cn=oddesubentry, dc=odd-e,dc=com' without any prescriptiveACI

Though when I load via the admin user via Studio of via ldapsearch, I can find it there. When
I modify something in the entry (via Studio) or delete it and re-add it via ldapdelete and
ldapmodify -a then it works find again. But then, when I restart, I get the same warning message.

I checked the code and the warning seems to come from the initialize from TupleCache and if
it logs this then it will continue without adding the ACI to the list, which would explain
why it doesn't work with the warning. However, I'm unclear why it can't find the prescriptiveACI
entry on startup.

We're using ApacheDS 1.5.7

Any ideas?


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