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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject Re: support about JSVC
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 07:47:33 GMT
On 4 août 2011, at 02:26, Darko Hojnik wrote:
> Hi there,

Hi Darko,

> I'm thinking about for a good strategy to integrate the new Apache DS on FreeBSD and
maybe create a Port on the FreeBSD portstree.
> Duos the M1 haves some classes to start it with the Apache JSVC daemon?

A long time ago, I think JSVC was used. But it has been replaced with Tanuki for about 4 years

You can probably have a look at the following projects:
- apacheds-service
- apacheds-wrapper

These projects contains all the code to start/stop ApacheDS as a service. The Tanuki service
wrapper implementation is separate and you could probably get some inspiration to port it
to JSVC.

> Taniku on the 1.5.x brunch was a disaster.

What was the problem?
Tanuki is still used on the milestones releases of ApacheDS (2.0.0-M1). Any issue with this
version too?

> JSVC is awesome to start JAVA based applications on privileged ports on Unix or Linux.
I do it with Jboss 5.1 Tomcat 6.x and Apache James 3.

It could be interesting to evaluate JSVC as a replacement for Tanuki.
Especially now that we're stuck at a given version (due to a licensing change, not being compatible
with the Apache License) and this version is no longer maintained.

> And where I could set the path for stored data?

Please have a look at the two projects I mentioned above.

> Also TLS certificates could be handled with keytool?

Yeah, I guess so.
You will then need to insert them in the server configuration via an LDIF import or directly
editing entries with Studio.

> By the way. When comes the Apache DS Studio 2.0?

We're still working on it. There's no ETA at the moment, but, probably later this year...

> Will it get support to creates templates for recurring tasks?

Can you elaborate more on this?


> best regards
> Darko

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