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From Luke Shannon <>
Subject Re: Custom Schemas and Partitions
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2011 16:35:10 GMT
OK, I fixed that.

Now I see:

#!ERROR [LDAP: error code 53 - UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM: failed for     Add Request : ClientEntry
    dn: m-oid=, ou=attributeTypes, cn=devLdapSchema, ou=schema  
  objectclass: metaAttributeType     objectclass: metaTop     objectclass: top     m-oid:     m-descridevon: unique identifier allowing substring searches
    m-substr: caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch     m-syntax:     m-name:
devUniqueId     m-equality: caseIgnoreMatch     m-length: 256 : ERR_10026 Cannot add the AttributeType
m-oid=, ou=attributeTypes, cn=devLdapSchema, ou=schema, as the associated
schema (devldapschema) is not loaded]

If I am reading this right there is another ldap schema here that I need?


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From: "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot" <>
Sent: Friday, 1 July, 2011 12:23:16 PM
Subject: Re: Custom Schemas and Partitions

I guess it's a problem with the name of your custom schema which contains a space, which when
it is imported in the server causes an issue with path name containing a space on Windows.

My guess would be to try to change the name to something without spaces.


On 1 juil. 2011, at 18:16, Luke Shannon wrote:

> When I try the import of the LDIF I get an error for every entry like this:
> #!ERROR [LDAP: error code 80 - OTHER: failed for     Add Request : ClientEntry     dn:
ou=attributeTypes, cn=pti Ldap Schema, ou=schema     objectclass: organizationalUnit     objectclass:
top     ou: attributetypes : C:\Users\lshannon\.ApacheDirectoryStudio\.metadata\.plugins\\servers\a4ce4525-5dd5-4444-82bc-c3e906cc3400\partitions\schema\ou=schema\cn=dev\
ldap\ schema\ou=attributetypes.ldif (The system cannot find the path specified)]
> What is this file it is looking for? When I exported the schema to an LDIF I choose the
option to export it to a single file. I looked through the file and don't see any reference
to an external file?
> BTW, if anyone on the list thinks they can help me with this, I will pay 50 USD (paypal)
for an hour session via Skype to anyone who thinks they can walk me through this LDIF import.
> Luke
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> From: "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot" <>
> To:
> Sent: Friday, 1 July, 2011 12:07:19 PM
> Subject: Re: Custom Schemas and Partitions
> On 1 juil. 2011, at 18:00, Luke Shannon wrote:
>> I'm not sure what server generated this schema file, it came from a client I'm working
with and they are not available today.
>> However, I was able to import the schema file into a schema project of Apache Directory
Studio using the Import -> Schema from OpenLDAP Files. All the objects appear in the Schema
project without error, however they are not available in my ldap connection (when I do a search
for objects in there nothing from the import shows up).
> Your action only imported the schema file into the project in the Schema Editor. It didn't
imported it to the directory server itself.
> To do so, you need to export it as LDIF file (that's the format ApacheDS accepts for
updating its schema) and then import this LDIF file using the LDAP Browser. 
> Regards,
> Pierre-Arnaud
>> I should add I am also really new to LDAP, so apologize if some of these questions
are a bit frustrating.
>> Thanks,
>> Luke
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>> From: "Emmanuel L├ęcharny" <>
>> To:
>> Sent: Friday, 1 July, 2011 11:50:46 AM
>> Subject: Re: Custom Schemas and Partitions
>> On 7/1/11 5:46 PM, Luke Shannon wrote:
>>> The devAccounts object is coming from a custom schema. I was able to load this
using the Schema browser. However it seems my server does not have access to the objects I
loaded. Do ldap servers have a context or something?
>> First, can you tell us exactly what is the server you use ?
>> Then, how did you injected the OC into the schema ?
>> -- 
>> Regards,
>> Cordialement,
>> Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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