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From "バーチャル クリストファー" <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS + GSSAPI/Kerberos problem "Failed to find any Kerberos Key"
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 08:16:58 GMT

Thanks for the help. However, my passwords are actually stored in plain
text, so I don't think this is the problem.

I used Apache Directory Studio to create the ldif file, and it appears
to automatically hash the passwords when you export as LDIF.



On 2011/06/10 18:33, Amila Jayasekara wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> According to your ldif file you are using hashed passwords.
> >From my experience  ApacheDS Kerberos implementation only works with plain
> text passwords. But i am not aware about latest improvements. So i may be
> wrong.
> Thanks
> AmilaJ
> 2011/6/2 バーチャル クリストファー <>
>> Hello,
>> I'm trying to set up ApacheDS 1.5.7 on Linux with Kerberos authentication.
>> I basically followed this tutorial to the letter:
>> However, I am using a custom realm and hostname, instead of the
>> localhost and EXAMPLE.COM used in the tutorial.
>> (Incidentally, I had to add "primaryRealm" and "kdcPrincipal" attributes
>> to the kdcServer attribute in server.xml to get my custom realm to work
>> correctly.)
>> I have 3 users: kerbuser, krbtgt and ldap. See attached LDIF file for
>> details.
>> All users have their krb5Key automatically generated by the
>> KeyDerivationInterceptor.
>> Authenticating with kinit works fine for all 3 users:
>> kinit kerbuser
>> kinit krbtgt/INFOSCIENCE.CO.JP
>> kinit ldap/
>> all work as expected, run either locally or remotely.
>> However, when I try to login to ApacheDS using Directory Studio, I get
>> "javax.naming.CommunicationException: Request: 1 cancelled".
>> Looking at the Kerberos log server-side (see attached file), I find the
>> message "Failed to find any Kerberos Key". It looks like it cannot find
>> the Kerberos key for the "ldap" user. This is strange, because this user
>> has its krb5Key attribute set correctly, just like the other users. Do I
>> need to copy this key to somewhere else, e.g. a keytab file?
>> I've spent days battling with this problem and I'm out of ideas. Can
>> anybody shed some light on this?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris Birchall.

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