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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: LDAP scalability
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 22:57:44 GMT
On 5/17/11 11:54 PM, Manoj Khangaonkar wrote:
> Hi ,
> I am evaluating LDAP in general (Apache DS as possible LDAP) for use
> as a user repository to be used for authentication /authorization for
> a large scale web application.
> The choice is RDBMS vs LDAP vs NoSQL.
It's not really a choice. LDAP is the only pristine solution when it 
comes to manage authentication and authorization. Using a RDBMS or a 
NoSQL system implies you build a authn/authz solution on top of it (I'm 
not talking about LDAP over a RDBMS)
> I am well aware that LDAP is used by large enterprises. These
> enterprises have typically thousands of users.
Hundred of thousands, and I have seen big telco companies using LDAP for 
more than 70 000 000 users...

> But have not seen it referenced in large scale web application
> architectures - such as those at google , facebook, linkedin which
> deal
> with millions of users. ( They might be using ldap but I have not seen
> anything on the web that says they do)

Probably because they don't necessarily want to expose such a sensitive 
part of their IT, but most certainly because they need a highly 
replicated system.
> Can LDAP in general and Apache DS in particular scale to millions of
> users ?
Base line, yes. Dealing with millions of users is not really an issue. 
What is important here is not the number of users, but much more the 
operation per second you want to process on the LDAP server. On a 
laptop, OpenLDAP currently deal with up to 10 000 authentication *per 
second*, and with ApacheDS, last time I conducted a test (last year), it 
was around 4 500 authentication per second.

> Are there any blogs/articles on web that talk of LDAP use in
> architectures of  very large scale.
Not that I know of. But the next LDAP conference (in Germany, might see some talks about such a thing.

Hope it helps.
> thanks

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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