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From "Jeffrey Reynolds" <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS and Samba
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2011 04:29:45 GMT
This has taken a longer time to write then I wanted, but I had to let 
everyone know that so far, this seem to have corrected the issue.  I have 
downloaded the source, recreated the directory structure jdbmstore 
component, complied it with maven (mvn, doesn't seem to be in the CentOS 
repos but it was easy enough to just download and configure), and recomplie 
that component after correcting the bug.  It wasn't 100% clear, but just 
changing one word from "remove" to "add" seems to ahve done the trick. 
After that, I shutdown Apache DS, replaced the .jar file, restarted, and now 
newly added objectClasses can be referenced by ldapsearches.  One other 
point, I have a ton of users to sync NT passwords with userPasswords.  I 
used a combination of Self Serve Password tool from the LDAP Toolbox, and a 
binary that creates the hashes for NT passwords.

You see, one issue I was having was that Samba wanted to use sambaNTPasswd 
to authenticate users.  I didn't want to have people maintain two separate 
passwords, and SSP can be used to cahnge both at the same time. 
Unfortunately, SSP uses an out of date method to generate the hash, so I had 
to intergate another program (mkntpwd) to generate the NT password from the 
user input and save it as the appropriate field.  Sorry I can't go into more 
detail, but after a bit of googling php I'm sure most people shold be able 
to put together a working solution!



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From: "Stefan Seelmann" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2011 6:02 PM
Subject: Re: ApacheDS and Samba

On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 12:36 AM, Jeffrey Reynolds
<> wrote:
> Yep, it looks like this is a bug with 1.5.7, and the export import 
> maneuver
> would work, but it would also be a serious pain in the butt and not
> something I want to try with a "production system". My question is, what 
> is
> the easiest way to upgrade to the latest trunk with an "active" system?
> Should a recompile the class that had issues, and slide it into place on 
> my
> installation? And if so what are the comilation options and procedures 
> that
> need to be followed? Or can I just go a svn update from somewhere that 
> will
> put me up to the latest code revision?

As you are using 1.5.7 you could
- checkout the jdbm-store project from the tag [1]
- fix the bug in
- run a "mvn clean package"
- target/apacheds-jdbm-store-1.5.7.jar is the fixed Jar, copy it to
your installation directory

Kind Regards,


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