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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS and Samba
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2011 09:02:36 GMT
On 4/17/11 5:42 AM, Jeffrey Reynolds wrote:
> Just a few things.  Wiki page?  Excellent idea.  If I ever get this 
> working I'll try to throw it together over a weekend.  There are a few 
> more issues, the samba schema is missing a few more attributes, and 
> seems like it needs an overhaul anyway. 

Yeah, we don't maintain the samba schema. It keeps evolving over the 
time. It would be good to update it with the latest version in the next 
ADS release.
> I'm wondering if its planed to be updated in version 2.0. 

We can do that, of course.
> Anyway, those items seem inconsequential enough, just limit a bit of 
> functionality.  Anyway, the biggest problem is that this is what my 
> issue appears to be.  Once an object is created with a given set of 
> objectClasses, it can only be referenced by those object classes.  For 
> example, I created an inetOrgPerson, which also includes 
> organizationPerson, person, and top objectClasses.  If I run 
> ldapsearch looking for anyone of those objectClasses, I can find that 
> entry.  Later I can add another objectClass to the entry, say 
> posixAccount, but ldapsearch returns nothing for that entry when 
> search for the "objectClass=posixAccount" attribute.  However, if I 
> create an object that has all five objectClasses, then searching for 
> any of them will return a result.
I have seen you JIRA for this one, and replied to it.

Sounds like a bug in the way we update index in 1.5.7. Can you try to 
extract all your objects, and reinject them ?

We are going to check this in trunk, as it has evolved a lot since 1.5.7...

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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