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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS and Samba
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2011 08:10:07 GMT
On 4/15/11 1:49 AM, Jeffrey Reynolds wrote:

> It wasn't until I fired up Wireshark that I saw my real problem.  By the way, Wireshark
is one of the single best utilities for diagnosing network communication problems, my hats
off to those guys.
+1 !
>   Anyway, I was watching the packet flow between Samba and LDAP, and after a bit of this
activity, I saw that Samba was in fact asking for my uid from the LDAP server.  Samba uses
two filters to ask for a user account, it filters users by "uid=user" and "objectclass=sambaSamAccount".
 Applying those two filters, it did not find "uid=user".
(&(uid=xxx)(objectClass=sambaSamAccout)) ?

> So used ldapsearch to do run my own search.  When I search for "uid=user", it came back
without issue,
Does the entry contains objectClass=sambaSamAccout ?

> but adding the "objectClass=sambaSamAccount" filter it returned nothing.  I double checked
directory studio, and sure enough, uid=user has the "objectClass=sambaSamAccount" attribute.
 So I searched for any objects that had the "objectClass=sambaSamAccount" inside my user group.
 I found that both "uid=root" and "uid=nobody" had this attribute and were returned by the
search.  So I thought, what happens when I try to access Samba using the root account?  I
opened up Explorer, used the root account and password I set up during smbldap-populate, and
BLAM.  Access to the share.  I checked the Apache DS logs later and found references to another
missing and ignored attribute, "sambaMaxPwdAge", but now I believe that the missing attributes
were simply just red herrings.
Just one important thing to understand :
- adding a new attribute to an objectclass will *not* modify the 
existing entries by adding some values into those entries. You have to 
update all of them accordingly to the modified schema. That means you 
have to do a LDAP modify which adds the newly added AT with a value to 
all the entries.

It's like if you have added a new column in an existing table in a data 
base, the existing rows will not magically set some value in this column.
> So I'm left with two questions, why can't Apache DS add the new attribute but LAM can
(both use the same admin dn)?
I think Stefan replied. Bug in Studio. Refresh the connection works.

> And the big one, the $64,000 question, why does Apache DS return 2 uid's when search
for "objectClass=sambaSamAccount", but doesn't return my user accounts, when the "objectClass=sambaSamAccount"
attribute is present in all of them?
One more question : did you restart the server after all those 
modifications ?

Also what would be cool is to activate the logs on the server and do a 
session where you try to log with root and your user. We can analyse the 
log if you send them to us (botch the password before !). You can even 
send them to me if you don't want any confidential info to be shared on 
the web.

Be aware that logs can be *very* verbose (debug mode).

At the  end, when it'll work, I think we would have to create some wiki 
page explaining all this painful process...

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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