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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Querying Apache DS via .NET C# DirectorySearcher
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 12:17:50 GMT
On 2/23/11 12:41 PM, Laporte Sylvain (GIE) wrote:
> Thank you,
> 	In deed, our developper is new to querying LDAP with C# and did not manage to set the
BaseDN to anything else than root. C# and Directory Services classes seem to be quite weird
on this side.
> 	Anyway, he tried modifying the scope to base object only and did not get this exception.
> 	The purpose of the non sense query is that, in this case, we only need to validate the
bind step so we don’t care about searching the whole tree or retreiving some results.
Why don't you just do a lookup for the rootDSE then ? It's most 
certainly the fastest operation, and you don't need to be bound. If you 
want to check that a user can bind, then just do a bind.
> 	But we are aware that we are likely to face the problem again in the furture, when we'll
actually have to retreive some information... Then our dev will have to get through this BaseDN
Usually, you never start searching a directory starting from the 
rootDSE, this is not the way to proceed. LDAP defines NamingContexts for 
this purpose.

Emmanuel Lécharny

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