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From Kiran Ayyagari <>
Subject Re: how to save embedded content
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 03:19:00 GMT
hi Peter,

2011/1/11 Geiger Péter <>:
> Hello!
> Sorry for my english, I use it very infrequently.
np, many of us are not native english speakers
> So my problem:
> I'm new with Apache DS and Spring Framework, actually in java/groovy
> too, im originally work as PHP developer. But now I use the spring v3.5
> with apache ds v 1.5.5 embedded.
> Everithing work fine, the server starts, import the ldif file, the
> authentication works,  and I can add etries to the content.
> But when I restart my application, my changes are losts, (I registered a
> shutdown hook to cleanup the working directory), the server load the
> original ldif file again.
> My question: what the good way to load initial ldif only once, and keep
> the changes occurs during the application running, after restarting it?
if I understand your question correctly, you are trying to preserve
all the modifications
done in your server, then you should not remove the working directory

Feel free to ping us on #apache-directory on to help
understand your problem better.
> Thx for your patience and helpful
> Peter Geiger

Kiran Ayyagari

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