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From John Cheng <>
Subject Backing up ApacheDS
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 01:52:03 GMT
> > Apologize for the newbie question. But, I have small instance of ApcheDS
> > running and I would like to make sure my data gets backed up. Is this as
> > simple as just copying the partitions folder or???
> The best would be to run a cron task (on linux) to get all the entries
> extracted as LDIF, say, every hour. This is a guaranteed way to get
> your data straight.

Hi Emmanuel,

Is the apacheds-tools.jar capable of doing backup/restores? A search on
the archives seem to indicate that it is broken and one should use
OpenLdap tools to perform backup/restore via the command line

Trying the command

java -jar apacheds-tools.jar dump -i /path/to/apacheds -p system

Yielded java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

On a subject that relates to backups, is replication not working in
ApacheDS 1.5.7?

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