I'm having a lot of troubles to make work the KDC in the apache directory server, I'm on windows Vista, apache directory server 1.5.7, apache directory studio 1.5.3 and jre1.6.
I'm getting 3 main errors:

ERROR [org.apache.directory.shared.
ldap.entry.DefaultServerAttribute] - ERR_04450 The value {0} is incorrect, it hasnt been added
ERROR [org.apache.directory.server.Service] - Cannot start the server : reuseAddress can't be set while the acceptor is bound.

these two appear when I launch the server (I attached the server.xml configuration in the email), but it seems to work anyway, because I can correctly connect to the ldap server and load the ldif file correctly (I attached the ldif file in the email).
The big problem seems to be when I want to connect to kerberos, I get the error:

[13:13:20] DEBUG [org.apache.directory.server.kerberos.protocol.KerberosProtocolHandler] - / SENT:  org.apache.directory.server.kerberos.shared.messages.TicketGrantReply@7e75d2
[13:13:20] ERROR [org.apache.directory.server.kerberos.protocol.KerberosProtocolHandler] - / EXCEPTION
org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolDecoderException: org.apache.mina.core.buffer.BufferDataException: dataLength: 813826552 (Hexdump: 30 ...)

I've attached the full log of what is going on to the email, if you could please help me somehow I'm really going crazy to get this work :(
thanks in advance for your help!

F. Galassi