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From Daniel Kamm <>
Subject ApacheDS is dereferencing Aliases per default
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2010 16:22:40 GMT
Hello list,

I like ApacheDS to handle my OpenLDAP server's directory used for
computer logins. Apparently it automatically dereferences alias objects
while 'browsing' and is displaying only the dereferenced object, rather
than the alias itself. In my opinion this because search actions are
using the option derefAlways(3).

Is there any way to change this behaviour - i.e. within some settings -
to derefNever(0) for the browsing part?

Because if I want to delete an alias itself and not the 'real' object,
ApacheDS is deleting the real object and leaves the alias untouched. The
alias then will not be displayed again, but still exists in the directory.

I am using ApacheDS 1.5.3 on Linux_32 and MacX.

Thanks for your help
 - Dan

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