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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Replication in 1.5.7 ?
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2010 14:43:47 GMT
On 10/25/10 4:35 PM, Guillaume Chanaud wrote:
>  Le 25/10/2010 14:49, Emmanuel Lecharny a écrit :
>> On 10/25/10 2:31 PM, Guillaume Chanaud wrote:
>>>  Hello,
>>> i can't find any ressource for replication in ApacheDS...To be 
>>> honest ApacheDS documentation is shitty compared to others projects.
>> Replication does not work in 1.5.7, we are working on making it real 
>> for 2.0, and yes, doco is shitty and we welcome everyone who can give 
>> some hands in improving it !
> Ok thanks for this ! I've seen few post speaking about replication (in 
> previous version like 1.5.0 maybe, i don't remember exactly) so i 
> thought it was ok in 1.5.7.
FYI, we have implemented RFC 4533 in trunk and it seems to work (though 
more tests are needed). We have successfully synchronized ADS with an 
OpenLDAP using this protocol too (RSync).
> For doc, yes sure, but i'm a fresh starter on ApacheDS and i use so 
> many different opensource projects that i try to help in different 
> manner and the way i can (bug report/bug fix in general), and in 
> general, documentation is the "hard part" to get people involved in...
You bet ...

Emmanuel Lécharny

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