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From Guillaume Chanaud <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Replication in 1.5.7 ?
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2010 12:31:47 GMT

i can't find any ressource for replication in ApacheDS...To be honest 
ApacheDS documentation is shitty compared to others projects.

So i followed the logical way and uncommented this in server.xml
<!-- Uncomment to enable replication interceptor -->
<replicationConfiguration serverPort="10390" 
<replicaId id="ldap01"/>

And i got this error message..
[16:10:13] ERROR [] - Failed on 
null.init(InstallationLayout, String[])
Unrecognized xbean element mapping: replicationInterceptor in namespace

It seems that the replicationInterceptor doesn't exist...

Thanks for any tips ! :D


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